Episode 7: Jennifer Phillips

In this episode Kelli is chatting with Jennifer Phillips.  She is the author of 30 Days of Hope for Adoptive Parents and knows how to harness the power of hope and connection to uplift fellow adoptive parents. Jennifer went viral for a blog post that documented her struggle and eventual revelation about power struggles between…

Episode 6: Tara Counterman

In this episode, Kelli chats with Tara Counterman all about the importance of self – care through motherhood.

While Tara is not an adoptive mom herself she offers an extremely important perspective for anyone in the throes of their motherhood journey. As an entrepreneur mom with two toddlers, she learned quickly that she can’t pour from an empty cup. Now she is passionate about helping moms get into a state of mind, implement structures and make sustainable changes to show up powerfully in motherhood AND for themselves. 

Episode 5: Megan Nilsen

In this episode, Kelli chats with Megan Nilsen about her leap of faith.

Megan is a Colorado girl though and through! She and her husband adopted their two youngest from Ethiopia in 2011 to complete their family of six. Megan believes adoption is the best, hardest thing they have ever done. It broke open all she thought she knew about life and love and allowed God to usher her into a deeper spiritual journey — one she wouldn’t trade for the world.

Episode 4: Jamie Fredericks

In this episode, Kelli chats with Jamie Fredericks about her adoption journey and her personal ‘cloud of shame’.

Jamie is a Southern California native. She and her husband Mike adopted twins from Ethiopia in June of 2016 and rounded out their beautiful family to a hearty seven. Jamie is an adoption coach dedicated to helping mamas who are struggling post adoption to connect, attach and bond to their adopted child(ren).

Episode 3: Jenny Marrs

In this episode, Kelli interviews Jenny Marrs, blogger and mom of 4 wonderful little ones.

Jenny started her adoption process in 2011. Shortly after legally adopting her daughter, the Republic of the Congo put a hold on exit permits making them unable to bring home their adopted daughter for two years.

Episode 1: Kristin Taylor

In this episode, Kelli Belt interviews Kristin Hill Taylor, who believes in seeking God as the author of every story and loves swapping these stories with friends on her porch. Kristin has a bachelor’s in print journalism from Murray State University and worked in various newsrooms before she became a stay-at-home mom. She volunteers and does projects that involve writing, promoting, organizing, and hosting. She lives in Murray, Kentucky, with her husband and their three kids.

Welcome To Beauty Is Rising Podcast

In this episode, Kelli introduces herself, the podcast, and tells you about her vision for this podcast.

Kelli started down the path of adoption in 2011 but only was able to bring home her daughter two years ago. She felt a calling from God that led her to wanting to provide a safe, loving, and stable home for a child and her journey eventually took her to Ethiopia.