Confident + Connected: The Membership for Adoptive Mamas

Although adoption may not come with a manual, it can come with support.

From the moment you accepted God’s call to pursue adoption, you also knowingly accepted uncertainty.

  • You navigated so many unknowns...
  • You put your heart on the line while waiting…
  • You prepared for an adjustment period after welcoming your child…

And even in the darkest moments, you felt guided by the purpose of providing for others.

But what about you?

As complicated as each adoptive mama’s road may be, you don’t have to walk it alone. When we stand together, speak up for ourselves and request the resources we deserve, we are doing a service for ourselves and our families.

 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds- Hebrews 10:24

You are only alone if you choose to be—and now you have no excuse.

Confident + Connected: The Membership Group for Adoptive Mamas

An exclusive community to empower adoptive families through expert-led sessions, customized resources and fellowship.

  • Monthly Masterclass:  Learn directly from professionals specializing in the nuances of adoption, experts and adoptees
  • Resources
  • Personal Coaching/Accountability: Overcome the obstacles and self doubt that have been holding you back from fully embracing your role as an adoptive mom and connecting with your child
  • Community/Small Group Sessions: Connect with other adoptive moms for judgment-free support

If you’ve ever felt…

  • Sidelined in other groups of moms who don’t understand the challenges of adoption
  • Relegated to the backseat in your own life due to circumstances beyond your control
  • Minimized when trying to ask for the guidance your family deserves

Confident + Connected:
The Membership for Adoptive Mamas is for you.​

This isn’t just another Facebook group where judgment is swapped more freely than advice. This is an exclusive, guided community for adoptive mamas by adoptive mamas.

Meet Kelli

Kelli Belt

Kelli Belt officially became an adoptive mom two years ago when her family expanded to include a daughter from Ethiopia. However, her adoption journey began years before—and was marked by heartbreaking false starts and disappointments. Even after her daughter was finally in her home, the grief from the process continued to cast its shadows.

Through mindset work, connection with fellow adoptive moms and faith in God’s plan, Kelli found her confidence again. With a background in marriage and family therapy as well as coaching, she supports other families walking through the adoption journey with resources through her website, Beauty is Rising.

With immediate access to our resources and an invitation to the exclusive community meetings, the benefits begin the moment you sign up. By this time tomorrow, you will have taken the essential first steps on the road to rediscovering…

  • Your inner strength and greater purpose
  • Your vital role within your home and family
  • Your skills not just as a mom and wife, but as a whole woman

But enrollment is only open for a limited period of time to ensure every member receives the customized support she deserves.


Most frequent questions and answers

As soon as you sign up, you will receive information for your dashboard, which will include the ever-growing resource vault. Then keep an eye out for an email with directions for joining the Facebook group and a schedule for upcoming mastermind events.

As a monthly membership, you can cancel at anytime–just be aware that canceling will forfeit your place in the group as membership.  If you change your mind, you will have to rejoin the waitlist.  But remember, if you feel like the group isn’t meeting your unique needs, please speak up!

The Confident + Connected group is designed to offer individualized support and we are committed to empowering every member.  

Not for you!  Although the rate will increase as the resource vault grows, you will keep your initial rate throughout your membership.

Are you ready to commit to your best self?

Enrollment is now open for Confident + Connected: The Membership for Adoptive Mamas.

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