The Beta Launch of the Confident and Connected Adoptive Mama Membership is OPEN!!

This is only open to the first 50 Moms who register or July 8th, depending on what comes first so don’t wait! 

You can enroll now for $20/month and that will be your rate FOREVER. 

If you have loved the content from the Virtual Mom Adoptive Conference imagine continuous support and connection. 

What does Beta mean?  It means there might be a few technical kinks to work out.   As a BRAND new membership, the library of resources are building BUT you will be part of building this resource to truly MEET YOUR NEEDS! Your voice will be key!

The Beta launch will kick off in July with Bryan Post  We will dive into his book Fear to Love  and then July 25th you will have an opportunity to ask him direct questions!   It will also include some assessments for you and getting some groundwork for helping you be less stressed and more connected to your children!  And even more importantly there will be a special time of connection with other adoptive moms through video chat.  If you are like me, you may not have the connection with other adoptive moms you wish you had.  Enter Confident and Connected adoptive mom membership and problem is solved!  I’ve got you covered!

Click below to reserve your spot and lock in $20 a month.

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